Product  highlights

High Protein

Our cookies contain whey protein concentrate, micellar casein and soy protein isolate. These are the best proteins we can jam into our cookies that are all bake stable, so that your finished product has quality COMPLETE protein sources that are not degraded during baking.

Suitable for Lacto Vegetarians

Our MONSTERS want to try and please as many customers as possible, and thus we have formulated our products free from egg. This allows lacto-vegetarians customers to enjoy our products as well!

Furthermore, our production facility and our products are all Halaal certified.

High in Fibre

We source our own raw ingredients wherever possible and then process or mill them in our won factories, so that we do not have processed or highly refined carbohydrates in our cookies.

As a result, our cookies are naturally high in fibre due to the raw ingredients we use… the noise from our milling machines is almost as noisy as when the MONSTERS are wreaking havoc in the labs and kitchens! These are the little things we do differently to make sure our quality is guaranteed in the cookie you eat.

Raw rolled oats, chick peas, brown rice, potato starches… all quality low GI ingredients combined for a slow release energy from our cookies.

Organic Honey

We source our honey from local honey farms, so we know it is 100% natural honey with no added sugars or syrups. The honey is so fresh I am surprised we don’t have bees living in our production facility, we would have to grow flowers to feed them too.

Healthy Fats

Provides numerous nutritional properties and is an adequate source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for the body.

Sugar Free Chocolate

So when it comes to something so important in taste and quality, we really do source only the best quality Belgian chocolate for our cookies. We buy our chocolate from one of the largest and highest quality suppliers in the world, and this chocolate is sooo good it has me asking “Are you sure this is sugar free?”.

Quality Assured

We comply with standards relating to health and hygiene (HACCP), as well as Good Manufacturing Processes (GMP) and are subject to health and safety standards to make sure our production environment is safe for our staff (HACCP – critical and hazardous control environment).

OUR MONSTERS are innovators in developing the best tasting, most delicious cookies you can think of.

OUR quality department vigilantly checks every batch of product we produce.

These core steps and processed are paramount in achieving what we believe is our MONSTER APPROVED COOKIES.