Cookie Madness™ is the first of many zany inventions to come out of the Madness Nutrition, where we created the “Best tasting protein cookies” the world has tasted thus far!!

Although I have been involved in the sports nutrition and health food industry for a decade now, the Cookie Madness TM brand was only launched in 2017 and has grown MONSTROUSLY into a recognisable brand name all over the world. This is because we do everything BETTER…

– Using the best ingredients we can find –

– Using raw or organic wherever possible –

-Innovate and experiment with never dreamed of ideas and recipes –

– continually push the boundaries to deliver the “Best tasting protein cookies” –

Our MONSTERS are conquering the world country by country and are munching through the market with our deliciously crazy cookies.

Our products will blow your mind with MONSTER FLAVOURS leaving our customers asking the question “Is this product really healthy?” Yes it is! We have made eating a protein fortified product exciting, fun and above all enjoyable so that you will try them again and again.

We run our own factories to make sure we are in complete control of the product we manufacture and distribute, while our focus is always on the quality of the product we give to our customers. As often as possible, our quality control department will bring me products directly from the production line to test… I will never say “No!” to a freshly baked yummy protein cookie… because I want to personally verify our quality and consistency.

It is our personal vision to produce a product that looks and tastes so amazing, that kids will also want to eat them too… to get rid of the chocolate and candy treats and replace them with an amazing MADNESS NUTRITION COOKIE MADNESS cookie… protein fortified, low GI, organic ingredients, and the most important factor being low in sugar, to curb the growing obesity and diabetes problem we are faced with everyday.

Enjoy our journey with us as our MONSTERS continue to wreak havoc in our product development labs, cause chaos in our kitchens, and allow us to push the limits of what the best tasting protein cookie can and will be in the future!!

It is our mission to create products that are appealing to all shapes and sizes: fitness enthusiasts, customers seeking a healthier alternative to everyday treats, as well as for children to keep them away from “sweet tooth” chocolate and candy.


The expansion of our MADNESS NUTRITION products will see us producing products that are lower in sugar and fat, but if you want something to taste mind-blowing, we need to have a smidgen of each to keep you coming back for more of our mouth-watering cookies.


Our principle is to ensure we produce the highest quality product we can deliver, using only the best ingredients available to us, and to always ensure that the product is consistent and meets our stringent quality standards.

We comply with strict quality guidelines and our factories are audited regularly to make sure that our standards are in place. Our internal quality control department works 24/7 checking every batch of product we manufacture and pack, ensuring that our customer receives our very best product and assurance that the nutritional content is exactly as we promise on our packaging.


Obviously we cannot allow our Monsters into our labs and factories all the time, but every two to three months we let them take over and cause “innovative mayhem” while we attempt to make the next most delicious, most exciting and amazing tasting cookie!!

We have proven to date that we are market leaders in innovation and have led by example with our world class products. The ideas are endless, and we intend making products to blow our customers minds… the look on our customers faces when they take that first bite “oh my gosh this is so good”… makes all the effort and hard work worthwhile. This is our vision and mission in terms of innovation.


The nutritional content of our cookies is vitally important to us, but our taste and craziness is our brand’s true value. Our aim is make something that tastes absolutely amazing, and looks deliciously appealing… so in achieving these goals, we have to have a little bit of sugar and some fats in our products.

So our focus is on HIGH PROTEIN and quality proteins, low GI carbohydrates from unprocessed sources, naturally organic raw honey to compliment the sweeteners we use to reduce the sugar content, the use of sugar free chocolates, as well as healthy fats (no vegetable fats, no trans fats) in our products.